Virtual Reality Therapy at Psychology on Parade

A new treatment for pain management
June 12, 2015
Driving anxiety or driving phobia
June 12, 2015

Virtual Reality Therapy is a new technique in the emerging field of mind-body medicine. Psychology on Parade now offers VRT to clients. VRT is a non-invasive procedure which can be used to manage a number of conditions including chronic pain, PTSD, smoking cessation, weight management, anxiety  and Substance abuse/withdrawal. VRT involves deep relaxation and imagery which is established by wearing 3D goggles and headphones and watching a 20-40 minute program.

During a typical VRT session, a client is taken on a journey beginning with a narrative to establish establish the metaphors and images that will be called upon later on in the therapy. A narrator’s voice is heard throughout the process and leads the client on this journey. Later, a deepening phase takes the client into a very relaxed state and they are encouraged to close their eyes and draw on mental images throughout the therapeutic phases of the program.

A range of audio is also used to maximize the deepening state. VRT allows access to the unconscious and subconscious mind where long term memories and beliefs are stored. Some beliefs have developed over many years and it takes some effort and energy to create significant change. VRT can help to challenge these beliefs and help the client to gain confidence at a conscious level that they can address the issues that brought them to therapy.

VRT is not a silver bullet. It is part of a therapeutic program which may include Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and other counselling interventions. We have had recent success with clients with chronic pain and complex PTSD with this technique in particular. Call Psychology on Parade to discuss this technique today.