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June 12, 2015
Virtual Reality Therapy at Psychology on Parade
June 12, 2015

Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) is now available at Psychology on Parade. VRT has been featured recently on an SBS program entitled The Secret World of Pain which is a BBC documentary that is available until 14th October via SBS On Demand TV. The Secret World of Pain  details recent studies with VRT and burns patients who use VRT to cope with procedural pain e.g. changing dressings daily and physiotherapy after serious burns and scarring. Virtual Reality Therapy is different from relaxation therapy, hypnotherapy and other types of therapies that are often utilized in pain management.

It appears to work on both the conscious and subconscious mind.

VRT treatment involves 3D goggles and headphones which the patient wears whilst watching a specially developed series of videos. VRT has been studied by a number of researchers and there is evidence that it assists in a number of fields including pain management, weight management, smoking cessation, trauma symptoms and anxiety.

Psychology on Parade is now offering treatment using the VRT method here. We have already had success with pain managment and trauma symptoms with some patients.

Give us a call to discuss VRT on 9397 0977.

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